Apple's iOS18 Photos App Redesign The Largest Ever with Deep Intelligence and Customization

TapTechNews July 6th news, in an interview with The National, three senior executives of Apple Inc. talked about the brand-new design of the iOS18 Photos app, and the official called it the 'largest-ever redesign of the Photos app'.

Apples iOS18 Photos App Redesign The Largest Ever with Deep Intelligence and Customization_0

The senior director of Apple's Human Interface Design team, Billy Sorrentino, explained the motivation behind this major redesign. TapTechNews translated part of his views as follows:

As the functions, users, and libraries increase, the density of the [Photos] application also increases.

Therefore, we have created a simple, streamlined single-view photo experience based on deep intelligence. The design of the new Photos app focuses heavily on customization, allowing users to have more control over the interface layout.

Della Huff, the manager of Apple's Camera and Photos Product Marketing team, explained:

By combining deep intelligence and flexible customization options, the Photos app can be more personalized. Everyone has a different workflow, so automatic customization is really crucial here.

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