Klin AI Web Version Launched by KuaiShou with Multiple Functions

TapTechNews July 6th news, KuaiShou announced today that the Klin AI web version has been officially launched, and all functions are temporarily free (need to apply by oneself). The "text-to-video" opens up the longest 10-second generation capacity, and the "image-to-video" adds features such as motion control and custom start and end frames.

Official demo video:

TapTechNews measured that the Klin AI web version provides three major sections: AI image, AI video, and the upcoming video editing.

AI image can be directly used after logging in, and users can obtain automatically generated images by describing with text, and can also use by adding reference images. AI video supports the generation of high-definition videos up to 3 minutes long, which currently requires application and the review result will be notified via mobile text message, and friends who want to experience need to wait patiently.

Klin AI Web Version Launched by KuaiShou with Multiple Functions_0

At the World Artificial Intelligence Conference held today, Gai Kun, senior vice president of KuaiShou and head of the main station business and community science, disclosed that as of now, more than 500,000 users have applied for the internal test qualification of Klin.

TapTechNews attached KuaiShou Klin's official website: https://kling.kuaishou.com/