YouTube Releases Updated 'Eraser' Tool with AI for Copyrighted Music Removal

TapTechNews July 6th news, on July 4th, YouTube released an updated Eraser tool, through which creators can easily remove any copyrighted background music from videos without affecting any other audio, including dialogue or sound effects.

YouTube Releases Updated Eraser' Tool with AI for Copyrighted Music Removal_0

The new tool uses an AI algorithm to specifically detect and delete relevant songs without affecting other audio in the clip. YouTube said that the company has been conducting tests for some time, but it is not that accurate when deleting copyrighted songs. If it is difficult to delete the song, this editing method may not work. If the tool fails to successfully remove the rights claim in the video, you can try other editing options, such as muting all sounds or cutting out the rights claim fragment.

In June, Google announced the launch of some AI-based functions for YouTube subscribers. According to TapTechNews' previous report, these functions include the experimental function Conversational AI that can answer questions and recommend relevant content, and predict what content users want to watch through AI and jump to the best part of the video.

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