Mozilla's Firefox Browser 128 Update for Android Adds New Features

TapTechNews July 10th news, Mozilla has newly launched the Android version of Firefox browser 128 update, adding new functions for Android 14 and above system devices, allowing third-party password management applications to handle Passkeys.

Mozillas Firefox Browser 128 Update for Android Adds New Features_0

On Android 13 and below system devices, the Passkeys created by users on the Firefox browser only support being handled by Google's password manager, while in the Android 14 system, the system's Credential Manager can be handled by third-party password management applications such as 1Password for Passkeys.

Passkeys are a type of digital authentication credential used for identity verification on websites or applications. It is supported by the World Wide Web Consortium and the FIDO Alliance and is a password-free verification method. It is usually saved by the operating system or browser and can be synchronized among different devices in the same ecosystem through cloud computing.

After the user logs in to the application or website, the password manager will pop up a verification box, and the user can log in with the Passkey through a third-party application.

The Android version of Firefox 128 browser also brings many improvements, and TapTechNews attaches the following repaired contents:

When prompted for a password, the Confirm Password field will now also be filled.

When Android prompts for location permission and approximate location is selected, it now works properly.

When entering full-screen mode and playing an audio element, Firefox no longer forces to display in landscape mode.

When sharing a link from an application to Firefox and if Ask before opening is set, Firefox will no longer force to open the page in the application.