Epic's Free Game This Week The Falconeer Standard Edition

TapTechNews July 4th news, the game that Epic is giving away this week is The Falconeer: Standard Edition (or translated as The Falconer), and the game for next week is Floppy Knights.

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The Falconeer

In this BAFTA-nominated air combat game developed by individual developer Tomas Sala, board the majestic warhawk and soar through the sky to explore the amazing vast ocean world and engage in epic aerial dogfights. You will play as a falconeer, traveling through a vast world torn by generations of malicious decisions and different ideas as a powerful aerial fighter. Through several campaigns, you will experience life from multiple perspectives and allegiances and solve the secrets hidden between Ursee, the Ursee people, and history. Progress stealthily through dangerous main missions and side quests, and use a lightning thrower to protect ships from pirates, sirens, and other threats. Dive deep into the ocean to battle with giant crab cities; soar among the clouds and engage in intense battles with the mysterious Mancer Order that controls and regulates technology.

Take to the Skies

Ride on a giant warhawk and freely fly, experiencing the super-released feeling of traveling through the wonderful open world.

Explore the Inconceivable World

Explore in the vast ocean world full of lost myths and wonderful landforms.

Intense Aerial Combat

Through the clouds, engage in breathtaking aerial dogfights.

Many Opposing Factions

Join and support your own faction, accept missions, and change the fates of your comrades and yourself.

Multiple Campaigns

As a falconeer, experience life from various perspectives.

Upgrade Your Mount

Survive to earn Splinters to upgrade your equipment and mount.

Full Voice Acting

A powerful voice cast creates a vivid game world for players in .

The Voice of Ursee

Immerse yourself in the world of accompanied by award-winning music.

Tomas Sala

shows the unique perspective of the maverick independent game developer Tomas Sala.

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