Basemark Releases GPUScoreBreakingLimit Ray Tracing Benchmark Test for All Devices

TapTechNews July 5th news, Basemark officially released the GPUScore: BreakingLimit ray tracing benchmark test.

Basemark stated that this benchmark test is designed to evaluate the performance of all ray-tracing-enabled devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers with discrete graphics cards.

The BreakingLimit test supports multiple operating systems and graphics APIs, providing comprehensive performance evaluations across various platforms and devices. Developers, manufacturers, and consumers can accurately measure and compare the real-time ray tracing rendering performance in different software and hardware environments.

 Basemark Releases GPUScoreBreakingLimit Ray Tracing Benchmark Test for All Devices_0

The benchmark test contains two workloads, one is the BreakingLimit standard version for devices with limited ray tracing performance, and the other is the BreakingLimit Ultra for desktop computers equipped with high-end ray tracing GPUs.

The latter also includes tests for enabling FSR or DLSS super-resolution technologies in addition to the native resolution test.

Basemark has now publicly released the free version of the BreakingLimit benchmark test for ordinary consumers on the official website of its GPUScore team. Interested TapTechNews friends can open the web link at the end of the article and download the version suitable for the device at hand: